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Bill Hazel

We are a fee-only independent wealth management firm providing financial planning and investment management services, helping families and individuals steward their wealth.

We strive to deliver sound, objective advice to help our clients achieve their financial goals and have a positive investment experience. We employ a goals-based approach that integrates risk management, financial, tax, and investment planning to help our clients make good decisions about their financial resources.
Wealth Management
Cedar Wealth Management has the experience and resources to offer our clients a wide range of solutions to meet their unique needs. In most situations, we serve as our clients’ personal CFO and their primary point of contact to ensure that they are on the correct path to financial success.

We employ a consultative process to deeply understand our clients’ needs and deliver customized solutions.

Managing your wealth effectively requires seamless integration of your investments with advanced planning. Advanced planning varies depending on your situation and often includes retirement and capital sufficiency planning, charitable and non-charitable wealth transfer planning, tax planning, risk management, stock option planning, concentrated stock hedging, and liquidity planning, pre and post-IPO planning, and monetization strategies.

Investment planning and management are the core of our service. Investment planning is the astute deployment of your investments over time to achieve your financial goals. This requires us to have a deep understanding of your most important challenges and the ability to design an investment plan which takes risk tolerance and time horizon into account to maximize the probability of achieving your goals. We monitor client portfolios as well as our clients’ financial circumstances over time so we can make adjustments when necessary.

In addition to focusing on building our relationship with you, we foster relationships with your other advisers which often include your tax advisor, estate planning attorney, and insurance specialist. Coordination and collaboration with these advisers enhance the wealth management process.