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Mark Werle

Mark Werle provides professional commercial photography & video productions. Subjects such as Product, People, Industrial, in a Photo Studio or on Location.

Commercial Photography

I have worked with subjects ranging from children for Huffy Bicycles to executive portraits. I have also photographed jewelry, laser micro parts to very large vertical CNC machine centers, from landscapes to architecture. In the commercial market, I try to create a message about the subject that reveals itself as quality, strength, value or size in a creative fashion. It’s all about reaching the customer’s target market.

Video Productions

Videos allow me to convey a more in-depth story. Testimonials, product introductions, simple “how-to’s” are just a few examples of storytelling. I enjoy adding a creative look that holds the viewer’s attention with a short to the point message that is informative and entertaining to watch.

A Client Sample:

Customers include Avery Dennison, Cincinnati Milacron, Mammotome, Coors, Evenflo, General Electric, Huffy Bicycles, Kitchen Aid, NOVA Engineering, Proctor & Gamble, Steel Case, The Embassy Suites, The Leukemia Society, The Marriott Hotels, Tommy Armour Golf, University of Dayton, Hohman Plating, Pax Corrugated Products, Skyline Chili, Miller-Valentine, KZF Design, Exhibit Concepts, Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Design Forum / Interbrand, Commonwealth Hotels, Bright Dyes, Big Ass Fans, Habitat, Alien Workshop, NOVA Creative.