My experience with the Springboro Chamber of Commerce has been nothing but wonderful.  Being a member has allowed me to expand my client base as well make many new and wonderful friends.  There are numerous functions that can fit any business’ need to meet and market their services or goods.  If you take advantage of what the Springboro Chamber of Commerce offers it will far out way any expense you will have for your membership.

Jim Hough, Wade Insurance

Joining the Springboro Chamber of Commerce is the best thing I have done for my business. The many networking events help me make connections in the community, share ideas, and spread the word about my business. They also help me make new friends and find businesses that I want to do business with. Participating in the Springboro Chamber’s largest event of the year, Hometown Expo, provides a great way to connect with potential customers in the communtiy. Thank you Springboro Chamber of Commerce.

Sheila Lairson, That Music Place

The Springboro Chamber of Commerce has been an enjoyable and very productive organization for Parrot Promo Essentials to be part of. Their many events have allowed us to gain valuable in depth relationships with many businesses over the years. It is the perfect way to get to know the community and to learn about business opportunities. I can’t say enough about Carol and Adam—they always have answers to our questions and are quick to help us when we need assistance. The rapid growth of the Springboro Chamber of Commerce memberships is a tribute to the people who work there and to the innovative community that they represent. I would encourage all local businesses to visit one of their events and join the chamber!

Kim Massie, Parrot Promo Essentials

I have been a member of the Springboro Chamber of Commerce for less than a year but i am fully invested! The Chamber offers lots of opportunities to expose my business to new potential clients and my involvement is totally proportional to the outcome. I can attend as many or as few events as I like but the varying times of day, days of the week, and types of events, means that there is always something I can find to attend that works for my busy schedule. This is an extremely well organized Chamber and I am proud to be a member.

Catie Coyle, Premier Hearing Healthcare Center

Since joining the Springboro Chamber of Commerce in February, 2016 after starting my first business, my experience has been nothing but positive. The networking events and Expo have allowed me to meet people and gain the exposure necessary to grow in my first year. The benefits the Chamber provides, such as group rating for Worker’s Comp and discounts at Office Depot, have more than paid for my membership many times over. I would definitely recommend joining the Springboro Chamber of Commerce to any local business.

Dr. Nathan Siebenaller, Fully Alive Chiropractic

As a new business, Vibrant Home Health is concerned with growing in a community that supports entrepreneurs and local businesses.  While searching for a way to connect with fellow business owners, we discovered the Springboro Chamber of Commerce (SCOC).  The Springboro Chamber has proven to be a wonderful way to network and form business partnerships that have impact.  SCOC offers multiple ways to advertise, and network, in a cost effective manner.  It is a very active chamber that is truly concerned with offering value to their members.  We appreciate the support the chamber provides and highly recommend joining to any businesses in the area.

Vivette Bowling, Vibrant Home Health

As the Director of the Coffman Family YMCA in Springboro, both myself and the YMCA has benefited from being involved with the Springboro Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber has given me numerous opportunities to network with members of the community that otherwise without involvement with the chamber would take me much longer to establish these relationships.

David ThompsonGroup Vice-President, YMCA of Greater Dayton, Coffman Family YMCA

Costco is a member of area Chambers, but the Springboro Chamber stands out over all of the other Chambers.  The Springboro Chamber makes it very easy and convenient to network and to pass the word out about our warehouse.  One of the best events we have been a  part of is the Springboro Chamber Expo.  We have participated in the event for the last two years and each year just keeps getting better.  The turnout is exceptional.  The first year we participated, we were overwhelmed by the number of people who attended.  The second year were more prepared to handle to the crowd.  Both years were a success for us and we will definitely participate again.

Sally Coberly-Hough, Costco

The Springboro Area Chamber of Commerce is filled with amazing leaders who support our hometown. As a small business owner, the chamber has done an amazing job of supporting, encouraging, and uplifting my businesses, Magnolias on Main and the Hampton House Boutique. They strive to make our community welcoming for both residents, visitors, and business owners.

Shelly Miles, Hampton House Boutique & Magnolias on Main

Since joining the Springboro Chamber of Commerce, we have been very pleased with the number of networking opportunities and support provided.  Carol and Adam Hughes make the Springboro Chamber special and unique from other Chambers of Commerce!  From our first meeting, it was obvious they truly care about their members and will do everything possible to support each one. Thank you, Carol and Adam, for all you do for us. 

Pat ZimmermanFounder, White Dove Circle of Light and Love